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WiFi Wireless HD Endoscope

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This revolutionary new type of endoscope has unlimited uses! First of all, it is wireless and the images and video it takes is broadcasted to your smart phone through WiFi, so you can see it in your phone’s screen. It is compatible with Android phones or tablet (Android 2.3 or greater) and iPhone’s iOS or iPad (iOS 6 or greater). Easy to setup, needing no extra adapters or no extra hardware. You just need to download and install the free “WiFi View” App.

This waterproof wireless endoscope is great for inspection work. It features a high definition 2 megapixels (2 MP) image sensor camera, which works perfectly on dark places, as it is self illuminated by 6 integrated, adjustable brightness LEDs. You can record video (AVI format) or take snapshots (JPG format) of what you are inspecting in any of 3 formats, which are 320×240, 640×480 and 1280 x 720.

It has an 11.5 Feet flexible semi-rigid cable to reach anywhere and adopting any shape. The camera diameter is only 8.5mm, which is small enough to go through most narrow areas. Up to 4 devices can be connected (with password protection) at the same time to see the live video and pictures being transmitted through WiFi.

The package includes the WiFi Endoscope, a hook for reaching and picking stuck objects, a mirror for viewing in more angles, a magnet for picking iron or steel objects, a micro USB to USB cable, a micro USB to micro USB cable and the user instructions manual.


A few examples of the many things that you can with this endoscope:


A. Use it for inspection of narrow or confined areas when maintaining or repairing your car.
B. Inspect difficult areas when cleaning in your home, such as inside ventilators, or on top of your acoustic roof, etc.
C. Check your water pipes and get objects that went down the drain and are stuck there.
D. Reach objects that fell anywhere in any confined area by the use of any of the included accessories, like a hook or a magnet.
E. Inspect under the surface of the water in a pond or in a fish tank.
F. Use it for science research or experiments
G. The most important, have fun!


How to use:


1. Turn on the WiFi box. It will transmit a WiFi signal named “Jetion_*****”. The full name is printed on the back of the WiFi box.
2. In your phone settings, choose WiFi network settings and search and find the WiFi network called “Jetion_*****”.
3. Click on “connect”, by inputting temporary code “12345678”. When connected, the blue WiFi signal led will flick, meaning a good connection.
4. Install and open the App “WiFi View” on your phone for using the camera. The App can be downloaded from Google Play Store.



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1280×720, 640×480, 320×240

Camera Diameter:



Yes – IP67

WIFI Transmission Distance:

33 Feet

Battery Capacity:


Focal Distance:

1.2in – 3.2in

Power Supply:

DC 5V, 2A

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