IceScreen Magnetic Windshield Protector






This product will always have your car ready to drive, no matter how much snow have fallen. It does not adhere to your windshield as other products do, no matter how freezing it is. You just take it out and it will be ready to go.

It has pockets which are secured inside the doors to serve as an anti-theft feature. The flaps go inside the doors, helping to secure from the wind. It is made from durable, waterproof, scratch resistant, oxford material, which unlike other products, it can be pulled off the windshield every time with no problem, no matter how much snow is on top of it. This product comes in different sizes to better fit your car. For example, the large size will fit mid-size luxury cars, regular sized SUV’s and sedans (Ex: Honda CRV, Buick, Lexus, Dodge Caravan, Chevrolet Cruze or similar vehicles).


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