About Us

Hello dear visitor!

Thank you for your visit to 2-order.com! We are a family-owned company, who love to research for the latest trends and products on topics like home, garden, fashion and beauty in general. We are constantly looking for ideas and bringing them to our audience. Our only rule about the products we research is, “if it blows our mind, it has a place here”.

It all started out as a hobby in our free time, researching and listing products we cataloged as “great”, either because of the design or because of the solution they provided.¬†We were using popular online market places, until back in 2010, when we launched an Internet-based store of our own.

During the day, we get very busy while fulfilling all the orders we receive, but if you have any question or need assistance about any order or product, you may send us a message by using the form in our CONTACT page.

We receive many messages daily and reply all of them in the same order they are received, so sometimes we may take more than 24 hours to reply, but you can be sure that we get back to everyone. We would love to hear from you and are always more than glad to help.